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On task distance

There are basically 2 ways to calculate the distance.

  1. Task distance is total distance calculated as the distance from tp1 to tp2 to tp3
  1. Task distance is the shortest way to fly the task from TP1 and touching the cylinder edge on tp2 where it is the shortest route from tp1 to tp3 via the edge of tp2.
  1. is what is normally done now in !CompeGPS and RACE. 2. is what is already implemented in FS.

Below is Task2 form PG Worlds in Manilla 2007.
TaskDistance illustration Tp3 (on top) is with 3km radius. The task distance in !CompeGPS as in the official results is: 60.7km. The task distance in FS is 52.5km. The difference is because of !CompeGPS calculates total distance as the distance into the center of each turnpoint not taking the cylinders into account. The blue line is the long version with total distance as the excact TP to TP distance. The red line is the shortest distance possible for pilot to fly the task, as done by FS.

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