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Welcome to the FS project homepage

FS is a collection of software designed to help score a competition for hanggliding and paragliding. It's goal is to help the scorer be as efficient and accurate as possible. FS is written in .NET and currently run only on Windows with .Net 2.0 installed.

FS is sponsored by CIVL and the Norwegian hang and paragliding federation.

See CurrentVersion for status and download of the programs

Note: As FS only deals with processing existing tracklog-files in GpsDump KML format you will need GpsDump for downloading tracklogs from the gps-devices (or converting existing files from IGC or other formats).

Use the Timeline in the menu above to see all recent changes to FS including the Wiki pages, the Timeline have a RSS feed to help you keep up with the development and changes to FS. The forum also have a RSS feed, we suggest you use subscribe to these feeds in you email or RSS reader. Try Google reader if you do not have one.


Please use the FS Forum for general support or questions about the FS software and related issues. If you want to report a bug, please check the forums and existing tickets before reporting a new issue. If you want to ask for a new feature - you should ask in the forum if more than one person needs this before opening a ticket. Questions related to the documentation can be addressed in the forums as well.

The FS and GPSDump software is done mostly by volunteers, so response time may vary from minutes to weeks. (We're active competition pilots)


2008-12-20: FS version 1.2.9.

2008-09-21: This server is now running on new and faster hardware, please let me know if there's any problems. The Trac and bbPress forum software have been upgraded, and the system is running under an Apache module instead of the slower cgi version on the old server. This means any http links need to be updated with the new uri's (Without the cgi part.) I'm trying to make an automatic rewrite in the Apache web server, but I'm struggling with the black magic of configuring it, and I've put it on hold until over the weekend.

2008-09-21: FS version 1.2.8. Replaces FS 1.2.6.

2008-09-05: FS version 1.2.7.

2008-05-28: FS version 1.2.6. Replaces FS 1.1.7.

Have a look at the NewsArchive for older news

About this Wiki

This Wiki is for users of FS. The pages here are editable by anyone, you can add or edit information to most pages here. This frontpage is read-only, but feel free to suggest more main categories. We do rely on you, the users of FS, to make this scoring software as well documented and useful as possible. To achieve this we ask you to participate in any way you can, this Wiki makes it very easy to help out by editing and adding useful information. If you need help on how to make a page look at WikiFormatting. Please upload new scoring report templates as you make them in your own language.

Also please use the ticket system for reporting bugs, anyone can create a ticket, but please look through the active tickets to see that it's not reported already. You may also want to look through the forum.

Starting Points

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

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