Major site update to

If you can read this we have successfully upgraded the website and backend systems for

The frontpage is now based on WordPress, the forums have been overhauled, updated and upgraded, and the Trac Wiki and ticket system is upgraded to the latest gratest versions.

The old site had serious problems with spam as it was open for registration for anyone, automated and manual spammers were registering posts all the time that had to be manually removed, so new registrations were disabled for the last few months. This new site now allows new users to register again, just use the links above. Sorry for the CAPTCHA test but this is unfortunately needed to keep spam down to manageable levels.

I have deleted around 30K accounts when converting the forum to new format, if some real users were deleted I apologize for this, please re-register so you can post in the forum and Trac.

We also have a new logo for the project.

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