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    Hi, There is a question of FS with “PWC2013” scoring formula if nobody reaches goal.
    In the document – “Paragliding World Cup – Association Competition Rules – Season 2013”
    <<Points Allocation>>
    If nobody reaches goal, then a maximum of 900 points are available for Distance and
    18 points for Leading but, of course, no points for Time (Speed).
    (Figure C-3; Figure C-4)

    I have tried several versions of FS (include 2013 R2), the points allocation was as below
    leading_weight 0.0175
    time_weight 0
    distance_weight 0.9825

    Did I set something wrong?
    Task report file is attached.


    .htm is not permitted for forum.
    Task report file is attached as link below.


    Joerg Ewald


    Sorry for taking so long to respond.

    What you’re seeing is because the parameter “use_1000_points_for_max_day_quality” is set to 1 – this has the effect that even on a day where nobody reached goal, if the day quality is 100%, the winner can still get 1000 points.

    I notice now that this is a contradiction between what I wrote in the PWC rules a while ago, and what I actually implemented in the FS implementation of that formula. I will have to figure out how the PWCA (Ulric Jessop’s scoring program, that is) actually handles this case, and adopt the implementation if necessary.

    Right now, if you really want to only give 918 points for a winner of a long task where nobody reached goal, you have to set that parameter to “0” in the FSDB file. Watch out, it appears multiple times, once at the top (the competition template) and once for each task.



    Hi Joerg,

    Thank you for the reply.

    Since I choose the “PWC2013” as the scoring formula, it seems that I can’t set the parameter “use_1000_points_for_max_day_quality”.

    Only 5 parameters are allowed scorekeeper to set in scoring formula “PWC2013”.
    min. distance
    nominal distance
    nominal time
    nominal launch %
    nominal goal %

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    Joerg Ewald

    This is correct. The PWC formula does not include this option, see

    Click to access PWCA%20Competition%20Rules%202013.pdf

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