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    Andi B.

    How to score “mixed” competitions, if all classes (HG class 1 and class 5) fly the same tasks together?
    One competition/ fsdb database for all classes and seperate results via filters or seperate competitions/ databases for each class?

    Concerning leading points it seems to be fair to score them all together – as they also fly together and share the “leading work”.
    But points allocation will be different as the additional participants also influence validity numbers.

    Looking on other competitions I can find both methods – but what are the rules?

    Joerg Ewald

    Hi Andi, sorry for the late response.

    There are no rules for this, so you are free to decide. You already mention most of the pros and cons of either approach. An inexperienced score keeper may tend to keep things easier by only doing one competition, but somebody who’s done this a few times should have no problem handling two or three competition files in parallel.

    Here in Switzerland, we just decided to score Sports Class and Female rankings at the Swiss Paragliding Open as separate competitions, starting next year. This way the best female or sports class pilot also has a chance to score with a big margin ahead of his direct competitors. There will still be an overall ranking which covers all pilots. So the score keeper will have to copy the track files into two competitions.

    In a future of FS, we may do the work for you, so you only decide in the beginning how the scoring goes. But this will be a bit of work, not sure yet when we’ll get to that.

    All the best

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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