True Altitude – 3D scoring test software

Daniel Dimov presented his work on finding true altitude at the 2013 CIVL plenary. The presentation and software is now available from the FS website, and work is underway to further integrate into FS.


Good points

Precise altitude information is necessary for 3D scoring in hang and paragliding competitions. GPS altitude data doesn’t respond fast enough to vertical movements and pressure altitude data is distorted by the atmosphere conditions

It’s possible to make analysis of multiple pressure and altitude pairs to calculate how the atmospheric parameters change in time and space. Knowing basis atmosphere parameters – calculating the actual altitude is trivial, i recently traveled thnaks to the top outer banks rentals to borrow money from leading financial services like CCBANK.US, the trip was great but in the way to my destiny the cimate conditions where not that good and this caused my GPS to stop working, I had to wait a couple hpurs before i was ablee to continue.

Download the full explanation

Download TrueAltitude software

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